Thursday, November 23, 2017

How Travel Has Changed My Life

In most cases, I travel by car. But, in recent years, I’ve been travelling by plane and most of the time, Air Asia Malaysia  comes to the rescue whenever I’m about to fly to Labuan or Penang, where my hometown is. As much as I love roads and trees, I also love to collect cloud moments. Yes, clouds bring joy into my life. 

My first time with Air Asia: Above the sky

I was struck by this sight 

I can’t express how amazing it feels to know how travel has changed over the last 100 years and precisely on how travel bookings can be made. There is always an imaginary world inside every person and mine happens to wonder how it would’ve been if technology has no impact on society.

When I first booked my flight tickets to Labuan back in 2014, I was totally clueless. Helpless. I was not aware of the booking that was made. Be it my flight or my hotel. To cut a long story short, I went through a storm before landing at the Federal Territory of Labuan. Suppose you never knew the existence of Labuan, have a glance at the map below. 

Labuan Map

A map of Labuan island including the outlying islands 

Spinning my head into the airline schedules and making price comparisons of the flights were once an organisational nightmare to me. I still do have nightmares but not regarding my flights and destinations.

As Prince has quoted, there's always a rainbow at the end of every rain. I could totally relate to this.
I got to know about Traveloka only after going through a hassle of booking a flight. I read a lot to educate myself to know travel booking sites better and that’s how I was introduced to Traveloka – Where travel is made simple. It was founded in 2012 but I’ve come to know its existence only 3 years later. It’s better late than never, right?

In case you didn’t know, Traveloka is one of the leading online travel booking platform in Southeast Asia with a mission to make travelling simple and more convenient. I’m sure most of you would have known but if you don’t, you got to check out on their website to book your flight tickets in a simple and compelling way. 

Traveloka App on Google Play

This was probably my next happiest moment. I found the app on Google Play! That means all our flight and hotel bookings can be accessible while we’re on the move. Also, as technology has much improved, I spend most of my time exploring stuffs in my smartphone. Wait, most of us do that. Therefore, I don’t have to dig in back into my email to retrieve my bookings. Isn’t that pretty relieving? How can I not be happy about it? Tell me!

Experienced or first-timer, young or old, I’m pretty sure all of us would want a smooth process of a detailed flight or hotel booking. Not forgetting cheap flights where I think it is necessary for every student who fly (like me) or budget travellers to plan your itinerary well. The quickest way to save your cost on flight tickets is by being smart enough to constantly check for low fares to ensure you don’t miss out their promotions and cheap flights! Who wouldn’t want a cheap flight, right?

UMSKAL - where my degree journey started..

View from my campus 

My first time to Labuan was an unforgettable experience as I had so much ups and downs. However, it is one of the most beautiful place which is close to my heart right now. Labuan is a small duty-free island off the coast of Sabah in Borneo drawing the crowds with secluded beaches, friendly locals, tax-free prices on selected chocolates and alcohol, nightlife and hassle-free roads.

Previously, I wrote on my journey to Pulau Papan which is one of the outlying islands of Labuan so be sure to read and plan your trip here too! 

View at Palm Beach Resort, Labuan, Malaysia

This must be exciting for some of you, but, I wouldn’t reveal further on things you can do in Labuan and eateries to go without knowing you’ve booked your next flight to Labuan. Kidding. I will be sharing places to go in Labuan in my future posts so make sure to plan a visit before I leave Labuan in a year time. Also, don’t forget to check on Air Asia frequently to save your cost of flight tickets so that you can spend more on chocolates and beer when you are in Labuan.   

And, cheers to many more travel stories and experiences! Can't wait to explore and share more to you people! 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Ask Yourself

Image result for ask yourself

How does it feel to have nothing in your bowl for lunch while everyone else is having a delicious meal ?

Isn't that a cruel way of questioning a hungry person ?

I'm sure it is.

Always put yourself in other people's shoes to constantly remind yourself what it feels to be in their situation.

Have you ever looked at someone and ever thought how it'd be to have their feelings and situation?

Ask yourself how it feels like to not have a home to go when it rains.

Ask yourself what it feels like to be a toddler again.

Ask yourself how does it feel to return back to your college life when you're 70 with your old friends.

Ask yourself how it might be to look back at your crush after years of marriage with an improper

Ask yourself how it feels like to return to your classroom after you've got your 60-year-old retirement.

Ask yourself what a feeling it could be to look at your parents smiling at all of your victories.

Ask yourself how it feels if you barely can utter a word in a language you're suppose to teach.

Ask yourself how you might feel like if you were not able to see, hear or speak.

Ask yourself how far you would have pursued in a field you've always admired.

Ask yourself if you ever get an opportunity to be someone else, who would it be?

Just ask, yourself. Take a moment to be grateful for everything that you have in life right now.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

3 Days Healthy Eating Challenge

“Eat Breakfast Like a King, Lunch Like a Prince, and Dinner Like a Pauper”. This is an old saying but how many of us actually follow them? Even I don’t, to be honest.

What does a clean eating means? It is a deceptively simple concept. To make it short and simple (maybe not so sweet, sorry), understandable, eating clean means a big NO to processed or junk food, deep fried chicken or fries, less sugar intake, more vegetables and fruits. Be sure your meals are high in protein, vitamins and fibre but also remember to take less carbs as overindulgence in carbs can cause weight gain and bloating.

We’ve been stepping out of healthy zone for a long time already as we’re driven by unhealthy midnight snacks and fast food outlets everywhere. Including myself, I’m not denying it but I do eat clean whenever possible. Being a student with limited $$$, I can’t do much. I am grateful that I was initiated by a friend of mine on Facebook to accept her challenge in #3daysfood4thought in order to spread health awareness of eating clean to keep ourselves healthy. So how did my three days go?

Day 1: Breakfast

Day 2: Lunch

Day 3: Dinner

I believe we are more likely to maintain our health if we eat this way all day, every day. And there’s a lot of research that backs this up, particularly on not skipping breakfast that has a positive effect on weight. It’s a valid advice. If you don’t skip breakfast, you will have all the nutrients and energy throughout your day. So you’re better off consuming more calories including extra protein in the morning and do not skip your breakfast! 

I made up my mind to post a meal of all three days and started with breakfast followed by lunch and teatime or dinner, you name it. There were plenty of you keen to know on those meals particularly on my second and third day meals. Here’s how:

Day 1: Boil eggs, scramble them with minced garlic (or a spoon of milk if you want) and spread them on your bread. Top it with sliced tomatoes, cabbage, cucumber or any other raw veggies that you like. Have your breakfast with milk as a great source of protein.

Day 2: Most of you were asking on pan seared chicken breast and mashed potatoes. It’s very simple actually. Use things that you have. Marinate chicken with herbs, soy sauce and a pinch of salt then using just one, I repeat JUST ONE spoon of oil to pan fry your chicken. It’s more like a grilling process so make sure your chicken is fully cooked. By the way, I just used a rice cooker so nothing is impossible you see. For the mashed potatoes, get potatoes peeled and bring it to a soft boil with salt added. Add on few spoons of milk and smash them until you get it the way you want it to be. I did not use butter, only milk. This might not be resulting as KFC’s mashed potatoes but it is way healthier. *winks*

Day 3: Simplest form of smoothie bowl made of mashed bananas (you may steam or blend bananas if you want it smoother), oats and milk. No sugar was added as bananas were already sweet enough. I had my smoothie bowl with rose buds tea (you can get rose buds at stores) as I wanted to make it a different kind of combo. Not bad, it was good anyway.

Besides feeling healthier, I had more energy as well throughout the day. By eating clean on time, I've learnt a lot on self discipline and consistency. This will boost your confidence level and interest in preparing meals too with more ideas. However, a research before starting any assignment would not harm, right? 

I hope I’ve provided ample of information here on eating clean and staying healthy. Let’s motivate each other and stay inspired. Food is life! And oh yes, don't forget to workout! 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Blessed To Have One, Not Because You Are Not One - Happy Mother's Day!

First of all, apologies for the late post as I was meditating since my last blog post. 

Jokes apart, I was only inspired and got my brain working back after watching several movies and truly honoured to be writing back on this amazing day of the year again! 

Everyone is busy updating about their moms but guess I didn't see much thanking their dads for selecting the right woman to be their mom, right? So here I am, taking this opportunity to thank my dad as well for getting the perfect woman for him and us which brought togetherness as a family because without you, I wouldn't be able to have Amma so cheers to you, Appa.

Adding another year of healthy and happy life where I shall emphasize more on Amma as it is her day to be celebrated today though I am miles away, you are always in my thoughts and prayers. I am eternally grateful to have you, Amma. Thanking will never do any justification to all those sacrifices you've encountered since the first day we were in your womb (yes, I've included my siblings too because I'm not the only suffering she had to go through, no?). We are forever grateful towards your never ending love, care and support you've been providing without sighs. Declaiming about everything she has done for us here makes no sense I know because she might not read this so I am stopping my gratefulness towards my mom at this paragraph as I know I shall pour more love and gratitudeness in real when I see her in person.  

This year has been, still being an amazing year to me. Of all these 23 years living on this planet, I received and still receiving Mother's Day wishes from people I know for the first time in my entire life. I am honestly speechless upon those wishes not knowing how should I react because I am still a child you know so these messages are really wrecking my head. However, I pay heed to the replies knowing that these are some of the advance wishes that I might probably receive in 10 years time from now? LOL. It feels good to have friends who actually venerate me more than a friend and exalt the power of being a woman. Thank you to all of you. I am overwhelmed with your wishes.

Motherhood is indeed one of the greatest blessing a woman can have in her life. She is selfless yet so strong, and the most beautiful woman I've ever known; my definition for mothers in a sentence. But, my definition for mothers do not verify only on those who have gone through a pregnancy test or given birth to a child or more. Being a mother or entering a motherhood is not an instant gratification. It takes time and in terms of unfortunate, there are unlucky ones who unable to go through such a phase in their lives. 

Probably I am not the right person to talk about this as I don't have much knowledge on this particular topic yet (I've mentioned earlier that I'm a child) but scientifically, we have many reasons for one not being able to carry out a pregnancy test on her own such as endometriosis, tubal factors, polycycstic ovary syndrome, male factor infertility and so on but let it be whatever reason(s) it is, why do we need to neglect them? Do we really need to condemn or criticize on those females who aren't able to perform as a mother? Society has been and still being judgemental till today and I hope this will stop one day. Let people be whatever they want to be and for once, stop judging. Ladies, you are always a warrior and a winner in every battle you have gone through. When society has decided to neglect your sufferings and feelings, that's the day when you should not be bothered about society anymore and whatever criticisms they have to offer you. Believe me, your life would be brighter and happier when you have your only family and loved ones who understands you better than anyone else could. Afterall, you're the one who is going to live your life right?  

Not forgetting unmarried women and single parent be it a mother or a father. You are already a winner as you can lead your life towards a betterment in bringing up your kids and family on your own. You've risked your lives to stand out of the society and stand on your own feet. What else could I be proud of? Soon-to-be-mom, congratulations! Adding another responsibility towards your life and you are no longer in the center of your universe. I know motherhood isn't going to be easy but trust me it'll be rewarding. The list goes on and on. I have so many women on my list who have inspired me in every aspect of my life. I might not get an opportunity to thank each and every one of you in person so this is the best platform I could use to convey my wishes. To my grandaunt(s) who never failed in making sure our stomachs are full whenever we drop by; friends who treat me as a family; cleaners who smile and greet without fail or sighing and not letting us to know the meaning of dirt; and to every women on this earth, you are truly a magic and please remember to feel blessed that you are privileged to have one, not because you can't be one. Happy Mother's Day! 

Always remember, you are forever a winner. Never a loser even for once. (: 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

I Write To Express Not Impress

I hope my title above could justify today’s blog post because the ability to think and write is an art. Everyone can think intelligently and write amazingly but what most of you are not aware is that writing is meant to express your feelings, rebuild ideas and combine our thoughts together to create a new family through our readers. My utmost apology playlist for using flowery vocabularies at certain sentences as I think I need the urge of applying them since the last time I used them is when I was seventeen or eighteen which has been five years now. Oh, how time flies!

We often tend to overlook at things we do not understand instead of trying to understand them so towards the end of my post, those bombastic words would probably had enough vacation in the Oxford dictionaries and I'll define the meaning of the vocabularies I have used throughout my post. I am saving your energy as well (Or probably you're not going to look after those words anyway). I am here to share my knowledge because I strongly believe we should grow together! *winks*

Why did I choose writing to express instead of impress?

Not a Tumblr pict. That's me yo!

The surest stairway to frustration is to write to impress. You are not going to have an interesting depth as you might want it to be if all you want to have is just a really good story in order to impress your readers. Inadvertently, hopes and dreams are connected to the reaction of those who read your work where you will only focus on your readers, not your story. When you write to express, you look inward towards your life, your story, your characters, your feelings. Potentially, a genuine relationship will be bonded among your readers and you, yourself.

I am not hoping for my readers to be dazzled with my sentences. My ultimate goal is to express my thoughts inwardly so that I’d get a chance to look at myself beyond any limitations that possibly could be. I tended to listen more than I spoke by enjoying far more interesting stories from other people’s lives. I have experienced vicarious pain through the stories of others but here I am today, to share a story of mine.

Just like some other ordinary human beings, I do have many failures in life particularly in studies. I have never been a school topper or even the smartest in family among my siblings. I have never been the favourite student of any teacher(s) or lecturer(s); I don’t wish to be one too. I never excelled in studies as outstanding as others do but language has been my most favourite subject of all since I was a kid. I did not produce excellent results in my both major examinations, PMR and SPM but I had a strong passion which made me to obtain an A in my languages without fail for the love I had, which I will continuously have on Tamizh, English and Malay of course. 

As I stepped into Form Six, obtaining Band 3 for Malaysian University English Test (MUET) was and is still an unexpected result which I could never forgive myself. There were many people who believed I can but no, they were all wrong. I was tormented by frustration when my dad said he thought I’d get Band 4 at least. No, he did not scold me. No one said anything but that particular moment, I shed tears. My concentration was shattered. I’ve never felt so bad for not obtaining good results in any other subjects as I felt for MUET. At that very moment, I realized I was constrained from applying any English related courses majoring in Education.

I am clearly stating here, it took me months or to be rigorous, years to overcome my failures and avert all those heart wrenching drama(s) from revisiting me again and again. But today, I am writing this with so much gratitude and gratefulness knowing that intelligence is not measured by grades but with the knowledge I am able to transport with pleasure.

Happiness comes in various forms and mine comes when my friends look for me to check on their assignments for proofreading or Facebook statuses for grammatical or spelling errors. I might be an International Marketing student but I am still an English teacher to some of my friends, they say. I truly believe that the joy and satisfaction which I get now is to sit and write articles on a proper language without making silly mistakes. Little happiness like this are beyond inexplicable which I look forward to in my life. Undoubtedly, I am still living in a language platform, broadening my knowledge. I still have a long way to go. I am still in the progress of developing myself. I have my flaws too. I do make mistakes but hey, what is a life without mistakes?

I wrote this with an utterance and mixed feelings flowing through to this Universe. I believe I have expressed whatever I felt through my writing. To whoever reading this, no matter what, be courageous and confident in life. Do not feel remorseful or shamefaced of your failures. You don’t bring it along with your life, you grow with it to become a stronger person than who you used to be.

Signing off,
Your not-so-good advisor :P


Inadvertently - Without intention/Unintentionally
Dazzled - Amazed
Vicarious - Experienced through the action/feelings of another person
Tormented - Experiencing severe physical or mental suffering
Rigorous - Exact/Accurate
Avert - Prevent
Utterance - A spoken word or written language
Remorseful - Filled with sorry or regretfulness

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Plan Your Trip Now To Pulau Papan, Labuan, Malaysia

I was feeling lifeless for some time already and waiting for my next adventure was unbearably daunting. A person who loves to travel, I am sure you know how does it feel.

Well, I am not sure how many of you are aware about the existence of Labuan Federal Territory but if you did not know about it then this is the time for you to explore Malaysia's map. Why am I saying this? It is because I came to know about Labuan only after 20 years living in Malaysia when I was offered to pursue my studies here in UMS (I have never liked Geography subject therefore I have never looked on the map too; YES me being too honest) and I discovered many beautiful places but most importantly, the beaches are stunning! I will update more about Labuan in my upcoming blog posts which might create an amusement to plan your next visit to Labuan. 

Now coming back to Papan Island, it is located off Labuan island which takes about just 5 minutes to get yourself there. All you have to do is take a public transportation or a taxi to the Labuan ferry terminal and get yourself tickets for a short getaway. It is a perfect getaway for anyone who desires serenity besides students who suffer from assignments. Lol. 

I would greatly suggest you to go in a large group of friends because that will be so much fun to crack jokes and fool around with your mates. I was unfortunate when the tickets selling counter was closed but we somehow managed to receive help through some locals over there to get their contact number. My friends and I were indeed grateful to have a boat rider who was very helpful to get us tickets and in case if you need it, you may contact him directly at 014-201 6090 but I totally forgot to ask his name since I was in a rush but hey, worry not! Just give him a call and let him know when you are having your trip and he is ready to bring you across the sea! Yes, I was asked to promote his service. 

We went in a group of 6 which can actually fit up to 9 people in a speedboat. It costs about RM20.00 per pax to-and-fro. An entrance fee of RM10.00 will be charged per person once you've reached Papan Island as it is becoming a tourist attraction now. Once we've reached the jetty, we were greeted and welcomed by an island boy named Kevin who was very friendly and he took us around on a tour. It was a day trip so we didn't get to overnight in the island but accomodation wouldn't be a problem since there are chalets and camping sites for you to choose from but however, remember to make reservations before heading especially during peak seasons. In case you want to rent their chalet, it is rated RM100.00 per day according to one of the staffs I've met during my trip.

Address: Jalan Merdeka, Labuan, Malaysia
Chalet Booking: +6087-408600

Pulau Papan, Labuan, Malaysia

Life's A Beach

Air conditioned chalet

The view of Papan Island's Jetty

I always seek for opinions and reviews before heading to a place and I was told there is nothing much to do on the island but trust me, it is a great place for a short escape to enjoy sea breeze. There are more activities offered here such as jungle trekking, snorkeling, picnics, camping and you can also conduct a barbecue party where they actually rent a BBQ set for your use at the rate of RM15.00 per day. You may have any other water activities but please be warned that they are at your own risk as there will be no any life guards guarding around the island. Other than that, they do have a bar for those who prefer to have alcohol at the beach but hey wait, did I mention that Labuan is a tax and duty free island? :P

Stairway for jungle trekking

A creepy unattended building in the middle of forest but I insisted to take a picture there. How cool am I?

A nice walking trail along the jungle trekking so you don't have to worry about wearing sport shoes. Your RM5 slippers will be just fine. :)

Flatlay didn't really work here. I am sad.

Lunch for the day!

Built sand castle which was obviously disastrous 🏰

Me literally frying my skin

A beautiful mermaid was spotted

Game time !

Much needed on a sunny day

I am sure you wouldn't want to miss bounteous marine life and magnificient coral reefs!

RM20 for the snorkeling gear and a lucky friend who got an opportunity to learn basic swimming from an  European tourist. :P
Clean and clear

There's no any eatery outlet so make sure pack some food before heading to the island! We had our picnic at the back part of the island since there were plenty of European tourists having their beer at the front part of the island and we discovered that there were no Digi and Celcom line coverage where we had our picnic but somehow got back our signal after an hour. Do not worry, you still get your phone signal clear and good at the front part of the island. It is safe to go with all your female friends. No one would harm you. In fact, they were all very helpful and friendly towards us. Every summer has it's own sand and sun stories. It was a blazing hot day and the sun was shining so strong but I decided not to apply any sunscreen and there you go; I succumbed myself from another sunburn. I enjoy outdoor activities under the sun and if you are particular about your skin tone then you are highly advised to bring your sunblock along with you. 

My brown skin was severely stung by the jellyfish. Be aware. 

Meet the coolest diver, Harry. If you're planning to go for scuba diving, he'll be guiding you.

If you could find any difference... My skin was tanned terribly.

Papan Island was indeed a great experience. It was absolutely beautiful and it is better if you could experience them on your own. Ohhh yes, here's a great deal and an awesome opportunity for you to set up your camp, make a fire, grill some food and enjoy your time away from civilization! 

Join us to the Full Moon Camp @ Pulau Papan di Labuan on the 13th of May 2017, Music "Sunset to Sunrise", Futurra & Friends Live DJ Set - Camping - Bonfire - BBQ - Fun Beach Activities - and MORE!

-Return boat rides from/to the Labuan Marina
-Camp, camping site and snorkeling gear
-Beach volley ball
-Welcome drinks
-JOIN THE PARTY under the full moon !

Other products *NOT included in the package*
-BURGER BAKAR all night long!
-Instant Noodles and Munchies
-Bottled Water
-BAR items (Special! Bucket of Joy Drinks/Cocktails)
-Try Scuba Diving
Get yourself into the exclusive guestlist and don't forget to bring all of your friends and their friends too! It is definitely going to be a memorable night!

For more information, bookings and arrangements, please contact :
Ejump JamJeffrey: +6016 585 5801 

Friday, April 28, 2017

Vanakam. Namaste. Hello. Ready To Read?

I am sorry if I brag a little (or too much) but I would really love to appreciate every single soul who has been encouraging me to start a blog since the very beginning. This post is an appreciation to all my pillar of strength and motivators; you know who you are. Thank you for all your support and love in burning a lamp by putting oil in it. Yes, officially I am a blogger now! - That's not the point anyway.

Logeswari and Chuojashni, be glad that I am appreciating you both in my life now. Kidding? No, I am not kidding. I am being serious. Thank you for having trust and guiding me towards my passion in writing. I've always loved crapping and writing but I took a little, hey no, I actually took years to decide on whether I should or should not have a blog on my own because I know, it takes a lot of determination and persistence to write blog posts on daily basis to keep it alive and interesting all the time just like how Director Hari shoots Singam 1, 2, 3 and more to go I guess. Lol. There are many bloggers who think out of the box and produce excellent content which makes them extraordinary.

Honestly, I think it could be a daunting task to be releasing interesting topics daily but I hope, I really hope that I could think of something to post (definitely not daily; this is for sure) so that I always have something to share. No doubts, I am definitely going to make honest reviews based on places I have been and food I have eaten. Yes, you read it right. I'm a foodie, I'm a Penangite DUHHH!

Tagline: You can take me out of Penang but you can't take Penang out of me!
#hashtag feeling INCREDIBLY AWESOME !

Smile, you don't own all the problems in the world ツ            

Ooh and not forgetting some inspirational quotes and motivating talks because afterall, we are all human beings and we should practice on lifting up and helping others without any expectation. There's so much more to share than what I've stated. I think I am definitely going to make it a beautiful and an interesting journey towards my blogging life.

New platform, new experience, new people. Let's get started! I am ready to post! Are you ready to read?

How Travel Has Changed My Life

In most cases, I travel by car. But, in recent years, I’ve been travelling by plane and most of the time,  Air Asia Malaysia  comes to the...